• Drive In Still Alive

    Once thought to be going the way of the dinosaur, drive-in theaters have made a resurgence in recent years, and their future looks bright. And we have the most complete listing of Drive In's around. So anywhere you are in Ontario there's sure to be a Drive In near you, check out our listings and find out
  • Drive In Still Alive

    There are currently 19 operating drive-in movie theaters located in Ontario province. Ontario drive-ins account for half of the 38 remaining drive-in theaters in all of Canada. Ontario's large population and more southern location (allowing for longer drive-in seasons) are the most likely reasons for the high concentration of drive-in theaters in this one Canadian province.
  • Drive In Still Alive

    Unfortunately, the number of Ontario's drive-ins keeps slowly declining with the closure of both the Docks Drive-in Theater in Toronto and the Owen Sound Twin Drive-in in Owens Sound. Both closed in the Spring of 2018.

Drive-ins of Ontario, Canada

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